Sacred is the Founding CEO, and Supervising Counselor and Trainer of Kuumba Health International Institute. Founded in 2008, The Kuumba Health International Institute (Kuumba Health LLC) is an award winning wellness and leadership Institute. As a well respected commercially conscious for-profit wellness training and treatment company, we are focused on transforming the impacts of stress and trauma on the mind, body, spirit, intimacy, personal relationships, and professional teams productivity. Kuumba Health International Institute is a NYC & NYS Certified Minority & Women Owned Business Enterprise and LGBT Business Enterprise offering trauma informed care consulting and trainings, with a diversity and inclusion framework in understanding stress, and honoring race equity practices. We have local headquarters in New York City and New Jersey, and offer a global reach. Her creative and holistic methods are multi-sensory, sustainable, and evidence informed to yield results. Her team, embodying her founding Kuumba Health core values, are experts in high quality training and care.

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Client goals previously accomplished through Organizational Consulting and capacity building through the lens of “Stress Mastery” include: self care retreats, substance abuse and treatment program burnout and vicarious trauma prevention support;; Racial equity strategic planning & implementation support; facilitating a mission-driven organizational health and wellness program; LGBT inclusion support; developing a sustainable clinical service delivery training with reducing micro aggression as central; creating a school or non profit culture focused on bias and harassment prevention;


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Organizational Consulting

Reduce workplace stress and promote sustainable systems through entry to senior-level coaching, embodied exploration of team dynamics, and re-alignment of the intersection between individual self care and organizational mission, values, and compassionate care. Participants rave about the impact that our unique style of mindfulness, healing arts, prevention research, and evidence informed practices are simply one of a kind.

The process is rooted in a commitment to effective communication in stressful situations, an inclusive focus of differences, and a focus on individual, team, and organizational opportunities creating a corporate, school, or non profit. In turn, team members build across difference and see their intersectionality and unique unmatched potential as assets.

The consultation process results in a training that has this thru line:

  • clear picture of the organizational health
  • engaging multi-sensory micro retreat, action plan,
  • measurable results
  • sustainable strategies
  • digital course that clearly tracks measurable results for sustainable success

Lets chat for a meet and greet virtual meeting: Let’s Chat

Unleash Your Vision with Stress Mastery: An 8 Module Digital Incubator for Core Communities of Resilient and Thriving Leaders

The focus of the 8 module digital incubator is to create core communities that support staff to:

  1. Learn embodied stress mastery methods to unearth and value your daily inner resilience, from a strength-based perspective,
  2. unleash your team’s personal and professional higher vision of excellence, and
  3. reduce burnout in order to leave a lasting legacy in alignment with your organizational mission in up to 90 days

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