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Welcome: Coaching supports you (and those you care for) to Lead a Passionate and Purposeful Life again in mind-body-and spirit, with my one-of-a-kind holistic and therapeutic coaching support methods backed by my over 15+ years of service – while having a blast!

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Welcome. It is an honor to be connected to you- whether you were referred or felt led by an intuitive knowing- welcome home.

For over 15 years, I have helped couples, families, and individuals who are visionaries and conscious busy professionals to  unleash more prosperous and peaceful relationships to themselves and those they love by transforming unhealthy habits, to unleash emotional freedom and security. I created Love Medicine tools, as a Holistic Psychologist, Interfaith Minister, and Healing Artist that positively impact and work in your personal and professional lives. I coined this “Love Medicine Coaching.”

Love Medicine coaching helps couples, families, and individuals falling in love again (or in self-love again) who are visionaries or busy professionals, to tame their inner critic, unearth clarity and direction with remarkable results, to build great habits in order to unleash emotional freedom and security, for a thriving legacy. I am LGBT and POC affirming.

Limited time? I am here for you: Receive support from the convenience from your home or workplace as I specialize in accessible Tele-coaching services.

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Contact me and my support team at my updated email: [email protected]

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I help caring professionals, care givers, visionary experts, administrators, closet creatives, pioneers, medical and health care workers, and Diverse Super-women and Men, create a Premium step by step plan to reduce your stress, transform procrastination, and secure a healthier longer lasting legacy in the amazing company of Caring fellow Visionaries (without burning out from their day jobs). I will be teaching people how to unearth their inner BRAVE, unleash their highest vision of excellence, and creatively invite peace into peaceless moments, through step-by-step practical, creative, and spiritual techniques to reduce your stress and secure your future worth remembering- in an Inclusive Tribe of Fellow Visionaries.



You may feel you have run out of ideas on how to restore the joy and passion you once enjoyed or you need help co creating a healthier relationship to your past, to transform your present, and propel your future. I specialize in national Virtual telehealth support and have over 15 years experience supporting people to turn pain to power. I specialize in intimicacy, sexual abuse, and relationship counseling. I am confident my unique creative, holistic, & clinical style will help you in your time of need.


Client goals previously accomplished through Organizational Consulting and capacity building through the lens of “Stress Mastery” include: self care retreats; Racial equity strategic planning & implementation support; facilitating a mission-driven organizational health and wellness program; LGBT inclusion support; developing a sustainable clinical service delivery training with reducing micro aggression as central; creating a school or non profit culture focused on bias and harassment prevention

Sacred’s Book- Coming Winter 2018

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